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A  selection of Case studies and informative articles that review current user experiences on LawCloud. You can click on each of the logos below to read more about our clients' experiences:-

Moore Law

Moore Law Ltd, Brighton

"Read about a new law business setting up in Brighton, as a niche commercial practice specialising in contract and Intellectual Property law. Tris Moore's priorities for an IT system were SRA compliance, data security and confidentiality in the Cloud."

Matthew Cohen AssociatesMatthew Cohen & Associates, Aberdeen

"Find out how Matthew Cohen introduced flexible working and replaced and expensive complex system with something more suited to a small firm with less need for specialist IT support."


Helix Law Ltd, East Sussex,

"A partner responsible for litigation and IT at a large high street firm starts his own firm in Brighton specialising in commercial litigation, Employment Law and landlord and tenant residential."



Scanlon Ewing, Clydebank

"A small friendly and well respected 2 partner legal practice specialising in a range of family legal matter needed a system to comply with Law Society rules and meet their needs"

Linda George Family Law

Linda George Family Law, Hamilton

"A well established firm with the challenge of improving efficiency in client management services with an easy to use, efficient and trustworthy, incorporating email management, billing and activity recording"


Sneddon MorrisonSneddon Morrison, Whitburn, West Lothian

"A well respected law firm in West Lothian with 5 branches, 7 Partners, 24 staff, offering a mix of work types including property, family law for many private & local company clients"

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In addition to the case studies above, please see also our blog post on a lawyer's view of LawCloud with reference to key performance indicitors within the practice management software, benefits such as flexible working and scalability and also discussion of some of the current buzz from corners of the UK legal market on cloud computing.

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Read our Microsoft Technical Case Study

With new technology and innovative ways of working, the legal landscape ahead is very different to that of five, or even two years ago. A key component of this new legal practice landscape is cloud computing. But where do you, or your law firm fit into this landscape? A traditional law firm looking to modernise their practice to provide better service for clients at a more affordable rate, utilising the kind of software previously only available to bigger law firms.

  • A smaller law firm looking to grow, employ more staff and even set up more, effectively virtual offices
  • A partner who has seen the value of their business drop and is looking for ways to recover that value with even better technology
  • An associate finding it difficult to gain promotion or obtain the funds to buy into an expensive partnership, considering starting up a legal practice of their own or working for themselves